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  1. Make exams

    Use our exam builder to create engaging online exams and challenge your students.
  2. Easy to use

    Take the full benefit of our easy to use test maker and create tests within minutes.
  3. Lots of question types

    We have a wide range of question types to choice from: multiple choice text questions, Multiple choice image questions, Fill in the blank, free text, video questions and audio questions. You can even create questions with multiple correct answers.
  4. Question bank

    Create a question bank with lots of questions. Use your question bank to efficiently create exams. Just choose our randomizer and put in the amount of questions you want to have in your exams.
  5. Tag questions

    Tag questions to analyse your question bank. Create tags, assign the approriate tags to each question. Use this to make an advanced analysis of your question bank.
  6. Set the rules

    You set the rules of your exam. Set the pass and fail rules. Set the amount of attemtps for each user. Can they review their answers before committing. Do they get feedback after each question, at the end of the exam, or none at all. Set a timer on your exam, or not. The possibilities are endless.
  7. No Limits

    Create unlimited online exams with our exam builder. The sky is the limit. Never stop learning!